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About US 

One Gym. One Family.

Galaxy Athletics is an energetic spirit with a passion for driving change and a knack for building champions but our main goal always has been and always will be to build the best you.  At Galaxy Athletics , ‘being the best’ is not just about the trophies, it’s about freeing kids to be their very best. Not just as athletes, but as human beings. As teammates. As future parents, teachers, CEOs 



Galaxy  Athletics strives to bring more cheer to the world and be the place that gives kids the opportunity to become their best selves through cheer.

Our Team.


Coach Sabrina 

Team Coach 


Coach Evreklia

Team Coach 


What Our Clients Say

"Where do I even begin? My daughter is currently the youngest at the gym. When she first started cheering at GA, she was shy and can barely do a cartwheel. Now she is sassy, a true performer and is almost doing a backhand spring. My daughter has learned so much from being at Galaxy and I don’t only mean skills, I mean dedication, respect, hard work and motivation. The coaches have really taken the time and effort to show her skills and always have given her the opportunity to prove herself. I credit the coaches for bringing her out of her shell and for showing her what real all star cheerleading is about. Coach mike is an amazing guy and his love for the sport shows through the dedication to the gym and the girls! We love Galaxy Athletics and i can’t wait to see what the future holds 💙🖤"

Gina, Parent

"Galaxy Athletics has been like a second family to my daughter and I'm so thankful for the wonderful memories and friendships my daughter has made at this gym. We look forward to the next season!"

Christy, Parent

Galaxy Athletics has changed my daughter's life! Not only has Kylie trained to be an all star athlete,  being a part of this gym has helped her learn new skills and taught her valuable life lessons. She has learned how to be part of a team that rely on each other and  work together to achieve a goal. She's gone from a shy little girl and transformed into a confident young lady- and that confidence transcends all aspects of her life. As a parent it's been an amazing thing to witness your child find something she's passionate about and  give 110% of herself to a sport that she loves. Galaxy Athletics is truly a family and I can't thank the staff enough for helping my child excel at her chosen sport and achieve things she never dreamed she could do. This has been a great  journey so far and we've made lifelong friends along the way. Special thanks to Coach Mike and Coach Chloe for believing in Kylie and teaching her that there's more to All Star Cheerleading than what happens on a gym floor. We love our Galaxy family 💙

Jenn, Parent

We would love your feedback! Send us your testimonial!

We would love your feedback! Send us your testimonial!

As a father of two girls, I'm always nervous to leave them some place I'm not at. I know the second I walk my 9 year old into the gym, she is looked after and cared for as if I'm  sitting right there. The relationships we have with the coaches is amazing and I couldn't be happier with the progression that my daughter has shown from only one season there.

Dan, Parent

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